We deliver food and beverage, tailored to your events.

Important meetings, interesting conversations and great dates require energy, culinary delights and inspiring environments. At Teaterbaren, we are happy to help you with all kinds of food and beverage to make your event successful. We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, mingle or coffee. Our food philosophy builds on Swedish flavours and sustainable ingredients. We cook exquisite food with love, based on a vegetarian diet. We prepare our food from scratch from consciously selected ingredients. For the menus, we draw inspiration from every corner of the world and want to offer a fresh perspective on food and drinks, resulting in meetings, conversations and experiences.

At Teaterbaren, we offer organically conscious food, based on Swedish seasonal ingredients with great care and attention. Find out how to book a conference or event room.

Or give us a call, so we can discuss how food & beverage can enhance your next event.