In the Teaterbaren restaurant, we serve flavours from land, sea and earth. We work closely with our own farmer to be able to offer a farm to table experience. Our food philosophy permeates our menus, which means that what we serve has a green basis with carefully selected animal proteins. Everything is prepared on site by our wonderful kitchen team. On weekdays, we serve our popular lunch between 11:00 and 14:00. On weekends, you can enjoy our “classics,” a brand-new menu created for the re-opening of Teaterbaren.

Kväll & helg

Lunch serving Monday to Friday 11.00 – 14.00 and all day at Weekends

Dish of the day, 128 kr, including sallad buffet, bread from our Bakery and coffee.
Soup of the Day, 102 kr, including sallad buffet, bread from our Bakery and coffee.

We’re open every day

We serve two dishes at lunch every day, one of which is vegetarian. We also serve the vegetarian soup of the day. In addition we have a large selection of sandwiches, salads, pastries, cakes and more.

You’ll find all the dishes in Swedish on the Swedish Restaurant page. Welcome!

Teaterbarens klassiker:

FISKGRYTA – Sej, lax, rökta blåmusslor, handskalade räkor, dillslungad potatis, inkokt fänkål, krutonger, aioli.

158 kr

KYCKLINGBALLOTINE – Konfiterad kyckling, svamp. Serveras med potatiskaka, skogssvamp, gräslökskräm, vinägersky.

165 kr

VEGETARISK KÅLDOLME – Skogssvamp, ångad savoykål, svartrot. Serveras med gulbetor, skogssvamp, rökt emulsion.

128 kr

RÄKSMÖRGÅS – Handskalade räkor, kokt ägg, gurka, citron, räkaioli.

175 kr


SOPPA FRÅN SVENSKA GRÖNA GÅRDAR – Bröd från Teaterbarens bageri.

102 kr

HELGENS RÄTT – utvalda råvaror från säsong utgör basen.

128 kr

HELGENS VEGETARISKA RÄTT, utvalda råvaror från svenska gröna gårdar.

128 kr